Terms and conditions for Espresso machine care

Terms and conditions for Espresso machine care

Our promise to you

We aim to provide a high – quality service to maintain and repair the equipment listed in the agreement. If you have any queries about your agreement and what’s covered please call or email us your concerns on 01722416469 / andrew@tamokoespresso.co.uk 

Summary of the benefits or the Espresso care plan

What the agreement includes:

Emergency call out, travel and labour

Preventative maintenance visits

Consumable service kit spare parts (if part of plan)

Faulty major components (subject to a max £350.00pa) above this will be charged at cost

Discount on any workshop overhaul (should it be required)

Regeneration and servicing of existing water treatment units

Pressure test and machine inspection

What the agreement excludes:

Grinder failures caused by foreign matter being introduced into the hoppers

Filter holder handles and coffee filters, panels and external components

Broken bean hoppers, tampers and trays.

Reprograming cup levels unless on a service call

Calls caused by user misuse, accident, lack of proper cleaning or vandalism

Calls caused by “soured” boilers (where you have allowed milk to be sucked into the boiler)

Calls caused by water and electric supply issues or blocked waste pipes.

Cleaning products and blanking disks  

How the agreement works

This plan is designed to support your espresso machine throughout its life. It enables you to budget for essential maintenance to equipment that produces high profits for your business. Everything you will require is included in the various plans including the water treatment unit changes so other than your routine daily cleaning you can pretty much forget about all maintenance concerns. The proactive maintenance aspect of the plans (routine servicing) reduces machine ‘down time’ and will prolong the useful life of the equipment. It provides affordable access to the types of planned maintenance that large groups and corporate customers have enjoyed for years

Once you have decided which plan is suitable for your business we ask that you complete the contact forms. These enable us to enter your details on our system and set up and account for you.

We ask that you set up a standing order for your monthly amount and send proof it is set up. Other payment options are available

You will be then be required to make a “on account” payment toward the initial agreement period of 12 month’s, you may do this via cheque or direct bank transfer to our business account

10 days of receiving your initial payment our service team will contact you to arrange a time for an engineer to carry out your initial PMV and the pressure test and inspection

Should you require an emergency service call before the routine PMV and inspection is scheduled you should call our service line and book the call

When the engineer arrives to carry out the PMV and inspection, they will discuss the condition and performance of the machinery and make any adjustments to the settings of the equipment.

Whilst we try to work around the most convenient time for you, this may not always be possible. So  if our engineer arrives during a busy trading time you will need to allow him access to the machine and suffer a little inconvenience for a quick repair

If at any time we carry out any chargeable work that fall beyond the scope of your selected plan you will be sent a detailed invoice which will need to be paid within 14 days of invoice date.


You may cancel the agreement at any time by calling 01722 416469. Our plans are designed to spread your maintenance costs over a 12 month period. If you cancel the agreement before its anniversary it may mean that it has not been running long enough for us to recover our costs in providing support and water treatment devices up to that point, therefore, in the event that you wish to cancel the agreement early the following procedures will be applied:

We will review the work that we have carried out and spare parts fitted under the plan.

Using our standard tariffs, we will calculate an ‘Agreement Revaluation Figure’ (ARF). We do this by analysing what you would have been charged for call-outs and spare parts if you had used our services on a standard call by call basis. To this amount we add an administration charge of £35 + VAT.

We provide you with a detailed breakdown of the ‘ARF’ including information of what work we carried out to your equipment and when it occurred.

We will look at what you have paid towards the ‘ARF’, (either as a payment in advance or by monthly payment). If you have paid more than the ‘ARF’ we will refund the difference. If you have paid less than the ‘ARF’ we will issue a balancing invoice which you will be required to pay within 14 days of your receipt of our invoice.

We reserve the right to cancel your agreement if:

You give us false information

You do not make an agreed payment

We decline to accept the agreement after the initial equipment evaluation visit

We are not reasonably able to source spare parts for your equipment

Circumstances arise (including health and safety issues) which make it inappropriate for the agreement to continue

You have allowed third party maintainers to work on your equipment

Your equipment deteriorates to a point where it is beyond economic repair and has become non-viable

If we cancel the agreement, we will

Refund you based on the remaining proportion of any advanced payments made to cover the 12 month agreement.

If you are paying by direct debit we will simply cease taking further payments from you.

Annual Renewal

Towards the end of the first 12 months we will write to tell you about any changes that may affect the plan for the next 12 months

If you decide not to renew the agreement at the end of the first year you should send back the form we sent you informing you of the renewal or phone us on 01722 416469 when you receive our renewal correspondence. If we do not hear from you that will be classed as acceptance of a renewal and the plan will continue for a further 12 months

General Conditions

The agreement is subject to Ta Moko Espresso’s standard terms and conditions of trade copy attached