Looking after your Machine

Espresso: TLC – Looking after your machine

At the end of the working day or if possible at the end of every shift – follow the basic cleaning routine listed below as a core standard.

  • Remove the mesh filter from the portafilter unit
  • Clean the mesh filter with a food grade nylon brush
  • Clean the inside of each group head with the nylon brush getting rid of old coffee grounds trapped in the seal gaskets etc
  • At the end of the day immerse the steam wand in an approved food safe detergent / sanitizer solution. (follow the manufacturer’s instructions)
  • Remove the drip tray and wash
  • Clean around the work surfaces of the machine and counter
  • Remove any old grounds from the grinder knock out drawer and clean out the drawer and sanitise.
  • Clean and sanitise the tools of the trade (jugs, spatulas etc)
  • Back flush the machine.